What you want???

I asked GOD

                     Why didn’t u

Take them head on 

                                  Why me

Not a speck of disrespect 

                                                For the damnation

I suffer each second

                                       U let them slip

And made me sink in the abyss

                                                      Of terror

Even u didn’t make them suffer one bit

                             GOD smiled 

” u loved a human more than me”

                                                           I will take them

When and how I want

                                                Be mine

I will never abandon you”

                                                    I surrendered

Admits cries

                         Mate he said to me 

In a whisper u still want him/ her


I said,

                “Ur choice”

GOD said,” heart I made it”

Peace mate

Dolphin see u in next world

Depending on my only love


Author: crimsonshadow11

In a blogging society, we believe in sharing experiences and spreading positivity. At unity, we can bring the good out of different scenarios in life.

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