Tea bag

Think of me mate 

                            As a tea bag

Could not take the hot water

                                                 I burst

While you sipped mint tea

                                         Let me please fill my cup

With mint leaves

                                  As my cup 

Is only just a tea cup

                                      Peace mate

P;s; a tea bag

The over exalted rain


Who have been enthralled by the rain drops

                                 Are blessed

While most danced

                                 Weeped of lost love

Cried for instilled memories

                                                    Jabbing and piercing 

Of moments forlorn 

                                    I just soaked in it

P:s: rain is a sure necessity Gods gift

  But what I got 

Was a mere soak

Benevolent Dispotism (get reformed)

The 18 century 

                         Had reforms brought by the monarchs 

For the people

                           They were “happy” reforms,

As history shows

                                Now in this advanced age

The group of people don’t 

                 Scare me

An individual does

                Reforms or reformed

Or even unreformed 

                Bless u mate

P;s; I miss ur runaway walk

Or may say march

  Peace mate
Are u reformed???????

U ripped off my band aid. 😿😿😿😿😿😿😿😿😿

U called

Me your mate

U ripped it off sly predators

The wound still bleeds

What about

The “all in the family”


Why didn’t you rip their and yours too

Where is your medicinal powers on those wounds

Mate one day

I pray

You don’t bleed everyday to your life

Like you did to me

After the rip off

P:s: mate u abhorhed me so much

The wound still oozes fresh blood

Mate I miss ur nails

Peaceur psyche mate

Nay not mine

P:s I miss ur fingers

Peace mate

Religion is how you are to oneself and others’, Muslims be blessed

May allah forgive all our and your sins

May all bad deeds fly in dust

May you bring happiness in every humans’ life

May you and us never

Follow the devils’ path

And may you and us never hurt any soul

And may we all get Allah’s  blessings

Pray for us mate

As we all mankind of different



Are weaved in one


Of humanity

And all

Are merely

Creations of one power GOD

Peace mate!!!!!!



As I bid adieu 


I look at u

My beloved dolphin

For the last time

U seemed quite engaged

In paving your path

In someone’s life

One glance

Last adieu

Was all I desired

I drank from your hemlock

While you shed your skin



Thank u

Dolphin for letting me

Swim through the Atlantic

All wounded


And dead

P:s: the sharks are still kinder than you dolphin


They are letting me swim

Only in a guarded pond


they won’t drown because of my unholy swim



I just wanted to say goodbye

P:s: I miss your tail

Peace mate



You vomited and still smell roses???????


Vomited a gulp of salt

It fell on the floor

Turning into little bits of salt

The sea gulped it

The tears can taste it till now

You vomited

While the taste still


The people around can still smell it

While you smell roses

                     Ironic yet true!!!!!!

Mate you got lucky

While the stench

Is still there

Each and every moment

I am reminded

Of it by all

Mate one day I shall un smell

Ur vomit

If not the 🌹